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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 21, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

6:00 am and right now is the time to get the best seats. thank you for being with us. we t fox report" for friday, november 20. i'm trace gallagher. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight, do you believe that you are smart enough, incisive enough, intellectual enough to handle the most powerful job in the world? can sarah palin convince america she can lead the nation? tonight we will talk no spin policy with the governor. bill: you think obama is weak? do you think it's possible for victory in afghanistan? >> i do. it has to be. bill: are you comfortable with china owning a trillion dollars worth of u.s. currency? also, new information about the assassin hasan who killed 13 people at fort hood. geraldo has been investigating. >> you're hoarding gold in your basement is what you're doing?
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>> not in my basement. bill: glenn beck has financial advice for us. can't wait for that. caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. fact checking sarah palin is this evening's "talking points memo" and i'll keep it short because we have a major policy interview with sarah palin this evening. did you know the associated press, america's largest news wire service used 11 reporters to check the accuracy of sarah palin's new book "going rogue." 11. barack obama has had two best-selling books. the a.p. did not fact-check either one. spokesman paul culper said senator obama wasn't a major player when his book came out. even if you believe that flimsy excuse, once he did become a presidential contender, should
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the a.p. have then fact-checked his book? i know i'm beating a dead industry here but the blatant left-wing buy as of the american press reached critical mass and it's simply out of control. even if you don't like sarah palin, you know she's been treated unfairly by the media. shouldn't be happening in america. and that's a memo. now for the top story tonight, governor palin and public policy. we begin with president obama. president obama, you said, somebody asked you to give him a grade, you gave him a four out of 10. >> where do you rate barack obama? >> a four. a four. i believe there are a lot of decisions being made that i and probably a majority of americans that are not impressed with right now. bill: you think he's not doing a good job? >> no, i think in the two areas i am most concerned about, national security, there's some questionable actions he's taken so recently that i believe we can sour our country and our security -- bill: what is he doing wrong? >> gitmo. we decide we're going to close gitmo without a security plan.
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we're bringing mohammed over here and we're going to create this circus atmosphere here in new york and try this terrorist in our court system that is reserved under our constitution for american citizens to be able to have their rights exercised. that's a problem. bill: so heek mohammed is a mistake. and if you had to close them for p.r. purposes i'd put them in alaska and build a prison away from everybody and see how they like it up there. >> you know, we do have a vacated base up there. bill: sure. >> but hey, let's hear what alaskans would want to hear about that. bill: yeah, bring them on up, guantanamo bay, cuba w-88, alaska, minus 15. barack obama socialist? >> scares me the road he has us on not seeming to understand what it is had a built up
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america's economic system, the free enterprise principles. the shrinking of government, not the expansion to allow the public sector to thrive and grow and do what it does best and our families keep more of what they earned so they can reinvest and prioritize instead of the government doing it for them which is a step towards socialism. some of the steps we're taking economically right now scare the heck out of me. bill: you think he wants to change the country into an entitlement society? >> we're going to see, depending on his cap and tax bill that he will no doubt support coming out of congress, that the health care bill, whatever that's going to cost us and whatever the answers are there to all our questions about the health care, we're going to see, if he decides he can shift gears, change course, and move us back to more of the free enterprise, free market principles that built up this country, then my answer to you will be no, he's not hellbent on changing the capitalist society that we are. but if he is stubborn about
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this, then my answer to you is going to be well, his actions speak louder than our words and yes, he's going to change our capitalistic society. bill: have you ever talked to obama and spoken to him one-on-one to any extent? >> not to any extent. i met him twice. bill: it's a hi, how are you? >> yes. bill: you think he's smart? >> very smart. bill: you think he's honest? >> i think that he has told us some things in the campaign, i think he's told us some things early on in his presidency that have not come to prueigs. he was also about positive change and i and i think a lot of americans are believing that the change he's ushering in isn't necessarily positive. bill: he says it is. you're conservative so you don't like it. >> positive in terms of creating debt for our children? bill: you know what the arguments are. he says that, look, a lot of
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americans can't afford health insurance, the insurance companies are out of control, i've got to get them under control and why i'm doing what i'm doing. that's his point of view. >> let's get the health care problems under control, then. but let's ause free market, result oriented, patient centered solutions to do that. torte reform is not embracing any of those ideas. getting rid of the waste and fraud he insists today, if we'd just get a handle on that we could pay for this. bill: he says he is going to. >> let's do it right now, then. bill: one of the amusing points for me is you wanted to do the reverend wright dance and you wanted to get him up there and ram it right down barack obama's throat. why? >> well, i believe that it is not negative campaigning or off-base to call someone out on their associations and reverend wright was a close associate of barack obama's for 20 years. bill: what's wrong with reverend wright? >> any reverend who would say god-damn american there is
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something wrong with his beliefs. bill: do you believe him when he said he wasn't that radical? >> of 20 years of being in the pew of reverend wright's church, surely you would think there would be something spewed from the pulpit that didn't quite sound right for america, over 20 years. maybe he just happened to miss those particular sermons. bill: you look a little skeptical. >> i don't know. but my point is in the campaign -- i did. i wanted to talk about the associations and the past voting record, too, and the experience, the 150 days in the u.s. senate, building a foundation of experience, i wanted to talk about things like that. but we didn't. and i think that there were some unfairness there again to the electorate. bill: again, i'm sitting there and i'm sitting there going, they told you not to bring up reverend wright because mccain didn't want to do it and you said to them, why? >> i said that i would want to talk about it. bill: but you didn't make it a crushing point. see, i think i would have maybe
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grabbed mccain's tie. >> no, no. bill: and said you got to do this? >> you know what, we did. and i'm going to give mccain some respect on this one, too. what i did in the rallies and up there at a podium, i put it -- the empowerment in the hands of the voters, to the people who were there and watching and i said, it's not offbase to call a candidate out on their record and their associations and it's not negative campaigning. in other words, guys, if we're not going to do it, voters, you do it. bill: it's stunning you wanted to do it and the mccain people said you couldn't do it and you know, that might have, particularly in places like pennsylvania, made a difference because reverend wright obviously is a very controversial guy. one more question about president obama. a lot of people are very nervous about him now, he's not having a good time in the white house now. you pointed out his lack of experience. you don't have that much
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experience. you walked away from the governorship after 2 1/2 years? >> going into my lame duck session, my fourth legislative session deciding i wasn't going to run again and not wanting to put alaskans through a lame duck session -- bill: is it fair to criticize obama's lack of experience when somebody could make the same point about you on the national stage. >> if you're talking about executive experience i would put my experience up against his any day of the week. i've been elected to a local office since 1992 and was a city manager, a strong leader form of government, was a chief executive of the state, was a oil and gas regulator. there was some good experience there that could have been put to use on a vice-presidential ticket. we have to remember, too, i wasn't running for president. bill: that's the key question because john mccain is up there in years, you had to be qualified to take that office over. >> right, but i -- i'm saying i was running for vice president just like joe biden in running
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for vice president, i never once heard you or anyone else question joe biden and his experience. bill: he's got a lot of experience. let me be very bold and fresh again. do you believe that you are smart enough, incisive enough, interell -- intellectual enough to handle the most powerful job? world? >> i believe that i am because i have common sense and i have, i believe, the values that are reflective of so many other american values, and i believe that what americans are seeking is not the elitism, the -- kind of a spinelessness that perhaps is made up for that with some kind of elite ivy league education and a fact resume that's based on anything but hard work and private sector, free enterprise principles. americans could be seeking something like that in positive
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change in their leadership. i'm not saying it has to be me. bill: after speaking with governor palin, i do believe she has huge political ambitions. as always, i could be wrong. coming next, there are grave threats against america, including iran. governor palin will address those threats after these messages.
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bill: continuing now with our lead story, a major policy
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interview with sarah palin. as you know, iran presents a very dangerous threat to the u.s.a. sarah palin is called upon in 2012 to run for president whether it be in a republican party or independent party. and i'm going to interview you then and say, look, iran is this far away from getting a nuclear weapon, this far away. how are you going to stop them? >> let's start considering the sanctions that we should have been applying already, especially in this past year. let's start looking at cutting off their imports of refined petroleum products -- bill: does that mean a naval block aid -- naval blockade? >> we need to do it and work with our allies, france and britain. bill: they're already onboard. >> onboard with what, though? bill: they're onboard with economic sanctions with iran. you know the country isn't onboard causing the trouble here? >> we have to question russia's commitment to all this.
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bill: excellent. russia is the problem. russia will not stop gas going in. the embargo means nothing. putin is saying look, i'm not helping you out unless you give me influence in eastern europe and sarah palin running for president says what? >> we need to send that message that we are the superpower of the world and -- bill: how do you do that? >> by working closely with our other allies. bill: putin doesn't care? >> he's got to care because he's got relationships with these other countries, also. we have to show support for each one of our allies, with israel, we cannot get into israel, for instance, and say we're going to tell you whether the jewish community can expand or not expand within your borders. instead what we need to do is tell israel we'll go to bat for them. bill: say israel, say netanyahu calls you up and says, i'm bombing them, i'm bombing iran, they're too close, i'm not going to let it happen, what do you say, do you say go ahead, go bomb them? >> any kind of war strike is
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the absolute last option. that anybody would -- bill: you say no but he's saying to you, you guys aren't going to be able to stop them. >> that's why we cannot let the world get to the place that you're talking about right now. bill: we're already there. >> no, we're not. we're not quite there yet. there's still hope. we have to exert the pressure that america can put on our allies and on those who are not so friendly. bill: i thought he's doing that? >> he's bowing to world leaders i think any other president in our country -- bill: literally the japanese emperor? >> i mean that literally. bill: you think obama is weak abroad? >> i believe his approach to diplomacy is not what history has shown us works. what works in my mind, reading the history book is what reagan did, and that was to let the rest of the world know that america can be independent in a sense that we have the resources so that we won't be reliant on other countries to feed us and to feed our economy. but what reagan did, i think what was the right thing, he
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boiled it all down to this, he looked at our enemies, enemies around the world, and he said, we win, you lose. that's what i want to see and hear from our new administration, from president obama. bill: that's what bush did and got him in all kinds of trouble because the world didn't like the bush doctrine, line lateral action, ok. -- unilateral action. bush crippled al qaeda but in the process got us bogged down in iraq and got world opinion againsten -- against the u.s.a. >> president bush and his policies kept our homeland safe for these years after 9/11. bill: no doubt. >> and i think we need to learn from some of the policies he implemented there, too. i would like to see president obama acknowledge that bush was successful in that arena. bill: he's never going to do that. >> what i'd like to see is a shift from this 9/10 policy that perhaps obama is embracing and we start looking more at
6:18 am
the 9/12 policies. bill: that's what you would do but obama is not going to do that. afghanistan, the u.s. ambassador says don't send in the 40,000 troops, this is such a corrupt place, obama doesn't no what to do at this point, we think he'll send troops in but he's been, what, 16, 17 weeks now, a lot of people think you cannot win in afghanistan, you cannot impose democracy on that nation. >> it's going to be so tough but iraq was tough, too, and when that surge strategy was finally implemented, we started to see the victorious steps taken in iraq. let's repeat that in afghanistan granted conditions are different, geographical conditions are different than afghanistan. but obama asked back in march a new strategy. he tasked mcchrystal with coming up with something. mcchrystal then found the strategy and now all these months later obama still hasn't been able to make up his mind in terms of our commitment to victory in afghanistan.
6:19 am
i think -- bill: you think it's possible for victory in afghanistan? >> i do. it has to be. we have got to be victorious in afghanistan or the terror cells are going to grow. and what is al qaeda's goal? growing those terror cells so they can come and destroy america. that's what al qaeda is for, is for that -- bill: but if you have a corrupt afghan government the people don't support, no matter how many troops you send in there it isn't going to work. that's the problem in afghanistan, the karzai government is a bunch of corrupt people. >> karzai is an imperfect leader, every world leader is. we need to be working with him. we have no choice. we have got to win in afghanistan. we have to send in reinforcements. and i say this as a mom of an infantry man who could ultimately end up over there which scares me. of course i know that for the future of our world, we have got to -- we've got to get rid of the terrorists over there and not allow those cells to grow.
6:20 am
bill: on that note the al qaeda leadership is still hiding in pakistan. do you go in and get them? >> there's encouraging steps taken in pakistan where internally they're cracking down on the terrorists within. that's some progress we had been hoping for for quite some time so that's encouraging. bill: china? we can't do anything to china because they prop up our economy, they yelled at obama when he went over there, the u.s. dollar going down the drain. are you comfortable with china owning a trillion dollars worth of u.s. currency? are you comfortable with that? >> i'm not comfortable with u.s. policy today that is allowing china to own so much of america. bill: the free enterprise, they have the money and can buy it. >> what isn't right about this, though, is we're continuing to grow our debt, continuing for allow this situation we're in where we're beholden to china and to others. we look at china and can't be blaming them for problems we're
6:21 am
causing ourselves by spending too much money and growing government. bill: now on monday sarah palin will tell us whether she will lead a populist movement in america, perhaps a third party in 2012. also, we would like you to vote in our billo poll and ask you to grade the interview from a-f and give you the results tuesday. ahead, direction from a liberal woman to what sarah palin said in the interviews. later, glenn beck has financial advice for us. can't wait to h
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bill: "personal story segment" governor palin's book "going rogue" will be an enormous success. joining us to evaluate our conversations thus far with the
6:25 am
governor, radio talk show star leslie marshall. you are a liberal woman and she's a conservative woman. so you give her a grade so far. we're asking people to do that on, a-f, grade the interview so far. >> i have to say i'm giving you a b about asking questions that weren't about levi and bristol and her family and husband. but i would have to say for her, oh, i don't want to be mean but bill, i wouldn't give her high points because i felt in true politician form she dodged almost every question that you asked her when she was answering you. she wasn't being specific with her answers and she wasn't giving -- bill: give me an example because i didn't get the feeling she was dodging. i thought she engaged the questions. you may not like the answer. but give me one question you think she dodged. >> well, i think she dodged iran, for example. first of all, it frightened me she didn't seem to know france and great britain were onboard
6:26 am
with sanctions against iran. i'm glad she knew russia was the problem and i agree with you on putin and afghanistan, i didn't hear an alternative or a plan from someone that perhaps might be running for and looking to me an others in america to be elected leader of the free world, to lead this nation. bill: you thought she was too general? ok. i think that's a valid criticism. but nobody else has any idea, i'm not making an excuse for the governor, but look, obama didn't have a solution in afghanistan, he doesn't have any solution to iraq. so you know, to be fair, if you're going to say governor palin didn't have any solution, our president of the united states doesn't have any solution. so i don't know what the beef is other than maybe sarah palin should have one. but you know, what say you. obama didn't have one. >> well, i think for me at least, and i think a lot of americans agree with me, certainly many will disagree with me, too. we have to have something more concrete. but there are people who say pay off the taliban in afghanistan. bill: we should have absolutely
6:27 am
the most specific policy possible to win in afghanistan and to prevent a nuclear iraq but we don't. so it's not just -- again, i sound like i'm making excuses for governor palin, i'm not. but i felt she was conversant with the issues. a lot of people didn't feel she was conversant. i felt she was conversant with them, that she knew what the problems were. now, you're right she didn't say look -- because i handed her the blockade, the naval blockade which eventually is what you'll have to do there, you'll have to bomb the hell out of them or put in a naval blockade. one more specific criticism of the interview, go. >> well, when you asked her, and i'm glad you did, point-blank, do you feel that, you no -- you know, you're capable of being the president of the united states, she said yes and the answer to the why of that was one, she has common sense, two, she reflects the values many americans have, and three, she thinks americans are
6:28 am
tired of elitism. this woman has $5 million book deal before one book is sold. this woman spent nearly $800 a night on hotel rooms on taxpayers dime in alaska and $20,000 to move her family around. and this woman also left the throne of governor in alaska, would she bail on us in tough times for a bigger and better deal? i thought it was very hypocritical. bill: she had to earn money, nothing wrong with doing money and she's doing it legitimately but she had an enormous amount of debt $500,000, piled up by people. but we had you on the program to hear what you had to say and we appreciate it. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves ahead, some new information about the guy who killed 13 people at fort hood. her ailed -- geraldo has been investigating that. and glenn beck on the 9/12 project. what the heck is the 9/12 !mclcx
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bill: with our geraldo section
6:32 am
there's new information about nidal malik hasan who assassinated 13 innocent people at fort hood, texas. geraldo rivera has been looking at the situation. we have more clarification on the e maims he sent to al qaeda. what's the lead on it? >> i think the lead is tomorrow major nidal malik hasan goes before his first hearing. there will be a hearing in his hospital room to determine whether or not he should be held in pretrial detention as opposed to the -- bill: of course he should. is he still paralyzed? >> the fact of the matter is he's conscious and that's the point. he is paralyzed. i think you have an interesting beginning of what will be a very fascinating judicial saga that ultimately will result in 13 convictions if first-degree homicide and his execution. bill: and the military is going to try him so he'll be executed, he'll be shot. >> he will eventually be. the fellow who killed five g.i.'s in iraq is also sentenced to die. bill: right. >> and the fellow who killed
6:33 am
them in 2003, also. i believe they will eventually kill him. i may be wrong about the guy in may but the guy back in 2003, he's sentenced to die and i'm sure hasan certainly will be. insofar as what we know of his background, he seems like, you know, the self-loathing spree killers who say one thing and do another, he was frequenting strip joints, hasan was, in the days and weeks leading up to his shooting spree, his mat murder. he was -- his mass murder. he was paranoid he had aids and was collecting all the anti-viral drugs in his house. bill: maybe he did have aids. >> they may not have released it yet. we have a guy pro fessing to the muslim cleric he wants to beat him in heaven, a u.s. born like hasan, a u.s. born radical
6:34 am
islamic cleric, tells him he wants to meet him in heaven and forward the ideals they hold mutually and at the same time he's going to some sleazy strip joint and he's worried he has aids. it's typical he's self-loathing, a lack of self-esteem -- remember david berkowitz, the son of sam killer. bill: would it be amazing if he did have aids? it's so weird, because he did have all the medicine in his house. abc saw it. ok. so then we learn that the guy donated a ton of money, about $50,000, to overseas islamic -- >> islamic charities. of all the controversial things in his dossier, i think that is probably least significant. there are innocent muslims in america donating to islamic charities" -- islamic charities -- bill: $50,000 is a large number. >> considering what he's making. and what we know about hasan now the e maims have been
6:35 am
leaked and it's clear two joint terrorism task forces led by the f.b.i. examined his emails with al 5 alawki and they passed on him and secretary of defense gates has now gotten the former army secretary and vernon clark former chief of operations to head a 45-day investigation in which they will determine who knew about hasan's radical behavior, his descent in radical thought and why didn't they react on it and i think the army will find out. bill: thank you. we come back and glenn beck has financial advice for us and also explain the 9/12 project. what's the 9/12 project? beck is next. boss: y'know, geico opened its doors back in 1936
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and now we're insuring over 18 million drivers.
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bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in your "beck and call" segment glenn beck is running around crazy and we had to tape an interview with him this week. he is hopped up about the 9/12 project and money. roll the tape. >> the 9/12 project, that's got to be something out of the andromadus strain or aliens --
6:39 am
>> what is the 9/12? >> it's the nine principles and 12 values -- nine values and 12 principles, i can't remember. bill: something like that. >> the things i think we all experienced on 9/12. 9/11 we were fearful and 9/12 we didn't have to have the government to tell us to be good to each other and take care of each other and live as a decent person. bill: you want to capture the moments after 9/11 how people genuinely reacted? >> i think that's the way america -- america is great because america is good. bill: so america comes together after 9/11, which it did, ok. it rallies behind the president and then actions taken to defeat al qaeda. >> wait, wait, wait. i don't mean it -- it's not a political thing. it's not a political thing. the 9/12 project, and i don't lead it, i started it, but there is no leader. it's up to you. it's up to their own, you know, districts and it is what they want to make out of it. the average everyday schmoe. so my belief it should never
6:40 am
endorse a candidate. i don't endorse candidates. bill: there's no leader or basic thrust to what you do, what are people just going to sit around and go here we are at the 9/12 project. >> no, it's amazing. there's a lot of things they do. they do an awful lot of things. bill: who is "they?" chapter? >> chapts around the country. they are doug hoffman, credit to him for giving him any kind of life. he was 2,000 votes away from being elected with both a republican and democrat. bill: up in new york state. >> in new york. they get involved in their local level. tomorrow i'm announcing i'm at the villages in florida. bill: are you driving around one of those little carts? >> i did that and was lost for an hour. bill: do you play golf? >> no, a book tour this week. bill: a book tour? >> but in the villages at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon i'm actually announcing the plan, as i call it. and it's a multilevel plan to -- because, bill, i'm watching
6:41 am
television, because i just got out of surgery two weeks ago. bill: right. >> and i was watching television and i think i was watching television like you, the average person, you're just watching it and you're -- there comes a point where you have to turn it off, ok, i get it but what can i do about it? i have an answer. bill: you'll announce it tomorrow at the villages. >> tomorrow. bill: is red button alive down there? >> i don't know. it would be great. in "the poseiden "adventure he was great. bill: you referred to me as an ordinary person. >> i meant them. you're not ordinary. bill: i've never been to the villages. >> really? you should. bill: there's a ton of people. >> i got a new golf court and the theaters are -- i'll find my way, i got in the golf cart, and lost an hour and a half. bill: there's thousands in the villages. >> huge. bill: wrapping up on the 9/12 project, you want people to
6:42 am
form their chapters around the country and do good things civically. >> here's what has to happen, more is coming starting tomorrow. the idea was that at the beginning, look, to save ourselves, we have to redeck, not with politicians or politics but with values and principles. then you need to feel like you're not alone. reach out to each other. bill: bring other people together. >> find other people that feel like you do. now the next phase is coming. bill: does the 9/12 project have its own currency? i know you're going with the global currency. >> see, now he is -- you're not getting a lick of my free strike food. not a lick of it. seriously. gold is what? bill: up to $11 an ounce. >> significantly over $1,000 an ounce. you're selling it every two minutes on your radio show. the banks are buying up gold.
6:43 am
what do they know we don't know? we've just hit $12 trillion -- bill: we did. we owe it. >> in 2002 it was $5.9 trillion. next year the estimate is $14.4 trillion. bill: more than that. >> that's on one set of books. the real total is $105 trillion. bill: you think there's a global currency going to come and the dollar is just going to go some place away, but you're hoarding gold in your basement? that's what you're doing? >> not in my basement. don't say it's in my basement. bill: sorry. you're keeping it somewhere. i have gold, too, i bought a bunch of that stuff. >> really? bill: because i think the obama administration is mishandling the economy at this point. >> obama said this week -- i love this quote. at some point, the debt is unsustainable because at some point, if we don't stop adding debt, the rest of the world is going to lose confidence in us. bill: they already have. >> i was going to say, who has any confidence. bill: the dollar is down the
6:44 am
drain. they've got to wise up. the bold fresh tour, pretty much sold out. >> yeah. bill: tampa, lake show -- >> i've been reading in the papers, because you hypnotize people. bill: you think the surge of buying tickets is because of me, is that what you think? >> which way do i go? where do i go? bill: i think it's 50/50 here. >> do you? let's think of you. bill: buy tickets, a good christmas gift. we accept dollars, not gold. he does. >> 50/50. you can buy tickets with american coins. bill: glenn beck, everybody. he'll be at the villages, run and hide if you're down there. watch out for beck. he'll bite you. beck will take dollars in a bold fresh tour update, there's tickets available for the afternoon show in tampa. a few seats in charleston,
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south carolina. visit the website, in a moment, the dumbest things of the week starring these monkeys imitating barney frank and me. you've got, you've got to see this, next.
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bill: "back of the book segment" the dumbest things of the week starring greg and julia. we begin with you, the owner of the tennessee titans football team. >> a lot of money. bill: a lot of money and he misbehaved, did he? >> yes. the titans were playing the bills and the bills first downs were getting rowdy and he was up in his suite and gave them a little gesture. bill: all right. let's take a look at it.
6:49 am
bill: he's saying the titans are number one, right? >> number two, actually. bill: number two. >> i wish you hadn't said that, actually. bill: here's the owner and he's very wealthy. they were playing at home. >> they were winning. bill: they're playing at home and he's giving the jazz to the fans who are hooting him. >> he invested millions into this team. bill: how much did they fine him? >> $250,000. bill: that's a dumb thing. >> i agree. bill: you have a health care advertisement that you feel is extremely dumb. let's take a look at it. >> a year from now i'll break my leg and my parents will have to sell our house because we couldn't afford health care. >> three months from now i'll need surgery and my parents will go bankrupt because they couldn't afford health care. >> two years from now i'll be
6:50 am
diagnosed with leukemia and i'll die because we couldn't afford health care. >> i deserve health care. >> i deserve health care. >> we all deserve health care. >> there are over eight million uninsured children in america. >> eight million. >> eight million. >> we all deserve health care. bill: it's heartbreaking. >> it makes me sick to my stomach. this is organizing for america, it used to be obama for america. they had this phony contest. that was well-produced, but they were mad about the debt panel comment. a kid breaks his leg and they're going to lose their house? how hysterical is this? it's amazing. bill: didn't the girl going to die from leukemia touch your heart? >> it didn't touch my heart but made me think of her parents. would you let your kid do this? bill: that's the crux of the matter. >> she's being used as a prop. bill: both sides are doing it with the kids and needs to stop. i thought that was pretty dumb. did you think it was dumb? >> it was dumb and if you predict things will happen these days, you win awards and get the nobel peace prize or you're awarded the nobel peace
6:51 am
prize so predict i'll be anointed oprah successor. bill: i like it. i have the best dumb thing, not only today but maybe in the last year. you remember my interview with barney frank? we went at it and when barney said he wasn't responsible for the collapse of fannie mae and freddie mac though he had said in public they were fine going forward and i of course called him a bunch of names, you know, i'm like the tennessee titan guy, all right. so now somebody mocked that interview by using monkeys. roll the tape. >> all right. that's swell, but you still went out in july and said everything was great and off that a lot of people bought stock and lost everything they had. >> oh, no. bill: oh, yes. >> i said it wasn't a good investment. don't give me any of that, you just heard the words. are you drunk? bill: you want me to play it again? i listened to every word you said. >> no, i said it wasn't a good thing. bill: and going forward we'll be swell. stop the b.s. here.
6:52 am
stop the crap. i've got to get a monkey hat and wear it on the program on monday. and number two, that was fabulous. was that not fabulous? >> yes, i have to say barney frank never looked so good. bill: oh, man. >> and i want your sport coat. that is the greatest sport coat. bill: that is a victor -- but the hat. >> you look like a old news seller, extra, extra, here's the paper. bill: you couldn't resist a man wearing a hat like that. >> the hat is fine. bill: now, who looked dumber, me or frank? >> barney frank, of course. >> he was waiting for you and you're the customer and you're always right. >> you are the host of the show. you are the host of the show. we are sort of employed by you. bill: tell the truth. >> no. you look much cuter, bill. much cuter.
6:53 am
>> it's divide. bill: i don't know who put that together. i wish we knew. >> who is the chimp wardrobe wrangler. what a great job to have. bill: wait a minute. one of our guys put it together. rob monaco put it together. >> good job. he deserves a raise. bill: that was the dumbest thing of the week. i didn't even know my guy did it. unbelievable. >> i can beat you. bill: "pinheads & patriots" on deck starring martha stewart and rachael ray. be right back. .
6:54 am
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6:56 am
bill: time for "pinheads & patriots." in portland, oregon, a father and son were about to get off mass transit when disaster struck. somehow the 3-year-old boy got out but the father didn't get out. there he comes. and the dad gets locked in the train. all right? and then goes away. the train leaves. now the boy's alone. you can imagine how fearful he was. but a woman comforted the boy until the dad could get back quite some time. the lady is still unidentified but she is quite a patriot. on the pinhead front martha stewart commenting on her rival, rachael ray. >> she professed that she cannot bake. she just did a new cookbook which is just a re-edit of a lot of her old recipes. and that's not good enough for me. i really want to write a book
6:57 am
that is a unique and lasting thing. something that will really fulfill a need in someone's library. so she's different. she's more of an entertainer than she is with a bubbly personality than she is a teacher. she's a totally different kind of cook than i am. i don't know if she has a garden. i don't think so. bill: that sounds a little catty to us. martha stewart might be a pinhead. i don't have a garden. i'm afraid of dirt. and finally tonight, we hope you go to we're giving away some nifty stuff like we say merry christmas bumper sticker and american patriot totes and bold fresh totes. a lot of free stuff. with your purchases. and we make your gift giving easy and affordable. now, the letters.
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bill: thank you, cal. coming from you. probably not, roy. "pinheads & patriots" will be my next book out next september. and it will examine america in the age of obama. how about our website. fathor website. and -- factor website. email us with comments from anywhere in the world. name and foun, name and town -- and town, name and town, if you wish to opine. don't be a sop. wish to opine. don't be a sop.


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